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Hack may refer to:



[edit]Computers and technology

  • Hack (computer security) to break into computers and computer networks
  • Hack (computer science), an inelegant but effective solution to a computing problem
  • Hack (programmer subculture), participation in a computer programmer subculture
  • Hack (hobby), heavy modification of the software or hardware of one's own computer system
  • Life hack, productivity techniques used by programmers to solve everyday problems
  • What the Hack, a hacker conference held in Liempde, The Netherlands
  • ROM hacking, the process of modifying a video game's program image
  • MIT hack, a clever, benign, and ethical prank or practical joke at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Hack (falconry), training method for young falcons
  • Hack (horse), an animal used for pleasure riding, as well as the verb form (hacking, to hack) for the activity
  • Hack, a piece of equipment used for traction in the sport of curling
  • Hack, a goal in a game of Hacky Sack, or the footbag circle kicking game
  • Hack squat, a variant of the squat exercise, named after Georg Hackenschmidt


  • Hack Circle, an amphitheatre in Christchurch, New Zealand



[edit]Mass media

[edit]Other uses

  • Hack writer, a writer who is paid to write low-quality, quickly put-together articles or books
  • Hack (comedy), a joke, or premise for a joke, that is considered obvious, frequently used, and/or stolen.
  • Hack (masonry), a row of stacked unfired bricks protected from the rain
  • Roof and tunnel hacking, unauthorized exploration of roof and utility tunnel spaces
  • Political hack, a person who devotes him/herself to party-political machinations
  • Taxicab driver, from Hackney Carriage, the term for a London cab. A taxi driver's license is often called a "hack license."

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