Renungkanlah Wahai Orang Islam


Help from Allah is only in following the commandment of Allah. When bani israel and Musa a.s. were chase by the firaun and his army. They came arrive at a place that got no escape. In front of them is the red sea, there left and right are mountain. Then the bani isreal said to Musa a.s., "oh Musa we are going to die today". Musa a.s. answered "Dont worry, Allah is with me". Then Allah s.w.t command Musa a.s. to hit the surface of the sea with his staff. Without hesitation, without second thought, without using his logic, he heard and he obey. He hit the sea with his staff and then Allah save him and bani israel from firaun. Do the commandment of Allah with confident even though it does not make any sense at all. (Logically, hitting the surface of water will only make the water to splash). Until we stop thinking using your logic instead of our Iman, help of Allah will never came.

Petikan Dari: Abang Saya