SZONDI TEST

The Following is a psychoanalytical test called the Szondi Test. This test was made by a Hungarian Psychoanalyst, Léopold Szondi.

The following are 8 pictures.
Now, look at them and study them closely.

Which of these 8 do you find the most 'scary'?
Really, really try to picture them in a dark alley, coming towards you. Or, who would you want the LEAST to be in an elevator with you? Overall, who gives you the creepiest vibes, or makes you feel disgusted and repulsed among these 8.

Remember your answer.

These are all pictures of patients of Szondi, all of which whom suffered different conditions. Szondi believed that who you pick will tell something about your personality. But not just anything about your personality. The part of you that you suppress or at least deny about yourself. maybe you pushed these feelings and desires down into your subconscious mind or maybe something you refused to accept about yourself. and act in opposition towards them.

It's important to note that, whatever results you do come with, doesn't mean you have a mental condition. It's just that, you potentially have something deep within you that you compensate for.

Most people find the results rather accurate, though. Take them with a grain of salt.

The format is.

(Number). -condition name-

( General Info )


Repression: What it is you're hiding.

Denies it by: Actions, personalities or habits you do to 'counteract' or push back against what you're repressing.

Sublimination: What you show, ever so slightly in your life regarding the repression.


1. The Sadist.

You were most likely dominated by a lot of authoritarian figures, such as parents or teachers. So you repress the feeling to dominate others, as you've been through your formative years.

You are passive and rather friendly and love to make people happy.

That being said, you react defensively in a passive-aggressive manner when you feel someone is trying to dominate you. This is your way of indirectly punishing them.

But deep inside, you love to see the suffering of other people, physically or emotionally. Though, consciously you do your best to ignore these thoughts whenever they surface.


Repression: The Desire To Dominate Others.

Denies it by: Developing a peaceful and harmless personality. Always helping others.

Sublimination: Creates barriers when they don't want to do something. ( Such as getting to work late) When acting defensively, acts passive-aggressively.


2. The Epileptic.

You react to motions rather intensely, good or bad. Since you were taught as a child that doing certain things aren't okay, you refuse to let negative emotions such as anger, impulsiveness or irritability manifest.

As such, you probably wear a strong emotional mask and are good at hiding the negative feelings from others whenever they bubble up under the surface.

You compensate by acting meek and friendly. And people probably see you as peaceful and reliable. Although, under pressure. You can explode with these negative feelings and most people are surprised, as you never seemed the person to be so negative.

Repression: Feelings of anger, irritability, and aggression.

Denies it by: Becoming a meek and friendly person, and giving off the impression of responsibility.

Sublimination: Rare outbursts when stressed or provoked.


3. The Catatonic

You're most likely an intelligent person with an overactive mind. Not so bad, right? Well, here's the trade-off. In the attempt to stay in reality and fight your overactive brain, you've most likely become dutiful, inhibited and rule-driven. You are unaware of the physical and emotional needs of yourself and others. and often feel disconnected and lost.

Repression: Mental hyperactivity/ overactive imagination

Denies it by: Adopting "stereotypical" behaviors.

Sublimination: Often acts defensively and likes to follow their own set of determined rules.


4. The Schizophrenic

If you've chosen this woman, then you're most likely repressing apathy for others. Probably struggle in connecting with others. And relating to others is a challenge for you. Maybe even relating to yourself. Your relationships probably lack depth.

To compensate, you're sociable. Love to spend time with friends and family. In a sense, this is a way to mask your sense of loneliness and isolation.

Repression: Feelings of apathy towards others.

Denies it by: Being a very sociable person, with a large circle of friends.

Sublimination: Does not talk about feelings of isolation, or their lack of true affection for others.


5. The Hysteric.

You're probably repressing attention-seeking tendencies. You were told as a child to not show off, by adults or peers. As such, you're probably a modest and sincere person. Deep down you love to be the center of attention and charming others. Though you're rarely the center of attention, when you are, you're ecstatic You're likely someone who pays attention to detail. As evidence of the amount of effort, you put into your appearance. This could be your subconscious self showing off, as your conscious self continues to act modestly.

Repression: Desire for attention and admiration.

Denies it by: Acting modestly / staying out of the spotlight.

Sublimination: Chooses rare or extravagant jobs and hobbies. Usually tries to remain elegant and well-dressed so that they still draw attention.


6. The Depressive.

On the surface, you're happy and bubbly. Like you don't have a care in the world. Well, that's the side you show to the world, at least. Deep within, you're most likely dealing with feelings of self-worthlessness, even self-loathing and guilt. You probably take your mind off this by focusing on work and other people. Low self-esteem is also associated with this choice.

Picking this picture doesn't mean you're a depressed person, but that you have a predeposition to negative emotions.

Repression: Feelings of worthlessness/inadequacy

Denies it by: Developing a happy and bubbly exterior personality. Focussing on work and friends.

Sublimination: Assumes the role of everyone's "psychologist", searching for solutions to other people's problems.


7. The Maniac.

You're most likely logical, mature and balanced. You don't favor chaos or excessive displays of emotions. You're likely annoyed when people are loud, or when they hold too strong of belief. Because inside. You're repressing hyperactive tendencies that would make you lose control. Deep within, you're probably quite impulsive and with extreme energy hurdles. This is probably because your parents or teachers tried to make you "calm down" as a child.

Repression: Impulsiveness and high energy levels.

Denies it by: Being logical, reasonable and collected, and developing a hatred of excesses.

Sublimination: Avoids places of temptation, such as casinos.


8.Dissociative Identity Disorder.

As a child, you've probably been bullied, defamed, or traumatized by a parent, teacher or other family member. This trauma has made you subconsciously make you question yourself as a sexual partner. Now, you probably push your own gender role. Such as being macho, as a man. Or pushing your feminity as a woman. You probably put down others of your own sex for not acting manly or womanly enough.

Repression: Thoughts of being an undesirable partner.

Denies it by: Emphasising gender role, acting very macho or feminine.

Sublimination: Sacrifices individuality and real interests to conform to expected male/female stereotype


Being an old psychoanalytic test, don't expect things to be 100% accurate. Was it accurate for you? And as always, take it with a grain of salt.